Vision Statement:  ZDAC will create art spaces throughout Downtown Zebulon to encourage community involvement and stimulate economic development.

Create Art Spaces Throughout Downtown Zebulon

Year 1 

  • Display artwork in public locations throughout Zebulon.
  • Sponsor rotating art exhibits in the Town Hall Lobby.

Year 2

  • ​Sponsor a Mural in partnership with United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County.

Year 3

  • Sponsor sculptural artwork in downtown Zebulon.

Year 4

  • ​Create a downtown art exhibit/performance space.

Adopted 06/21/2018.

Zebulon Downtown Arts Council Strategic Plan

Thank you for supporting the arts!


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Stimulate Economic Development

Year 1

  • Provide use of tent space at Farm Fresh Market for artists to sell and demonstrate their art.

Year 2

  • Link artists with local businesses where they can sell and display their work.

Year 3

  • Market Zebulon as a town that has a strong art presence.

Year 4

  • Increase revenue for downtown business as a result of attendance at art events sponsored by ZDAC.

Year 5

  • ​Renovate a downtown building to create an art and cultural center.

Encourage Community Involvement

Year 1

  • Host ZDAC tent at the Farmer's Market every other Saturday.
  • Sponsor and promote an art festival at the Farmer's Market.
  • ​Participate in holiday events in downtown Zebulon and the Community Center.
  • Partner with other non-profits to support the arts.
  • Partner with schools to support the arts programs.

Year 2

  • Plan an art festival which involves downtown businesses.
  • Plan and organize an acoustic concert in the downtown area.

Year 3

  • Host a large art festival.
  • Organize a series of acoustic concerts and/or theatrical performances.

Years 4 & 5

  • ​Continue to provide art festivals and performances throughout the year.